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Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School is a dynamic learning environment that seeks to cater to all students. We have a range of programs that are in place to support our students at various stages in their school life. Some of these programs include:

Transition to Kindergarten

At Our Lady of Lourdes we aim to ensure that the child’s transition from the home/preschool environment to the primary school setting is as smooth as possible.  This program supports children who are beginning school. Children identified as requiring support during the interview process are visited in their pre-school.

Information is sought from all stakeholders to ensure entry to the school is successful for all. Following acceptance of enrollment, children and parents attend an Orientation Morning in November. In February, children begin in small groups and are not placed in class groups until the third week of school. During these three weeks, children are observed and assessed academically, socially and behaviourally.

Transition to the Playground

One of the major differences between the early childhood setting and the school setting is the size and nature of the playground. At Our Lady of Lourdes we have recognised this and set up a playground transition program designed to assist children to feel comfortable within the school playground equipment.

During the first two weeks of school the Kindergarten children play on a separate playground to the whole school population. A number of older children act as buddies to facilitate the children’s play and some playground equipment, such as balls, are provided for the children to play with. At the end of the two-week period the Kindergarten children then move to the big playground. Within this larger playground a Kindergarten play area is established with a variety of pieces of play equipment and toys provided for the children. Once again a number of older children are rostered on to assist the children with the equipment. The kindergarten child has a choice of playing in this smaller area or joining the older children on the larger playground. In this way the transition is gradual and at the child’s own pace.

This play area is gradually phased out by the end of term one although sand toys, a cubby house and other outdoor toys are made available to the children year round. These toys provide children with choices in their play environment. This program has been found to be successful in bridging the gap between the early childhood playground and the much larger school playground environment.

Transition to High School

A two-year program is in place to support children who will be commencing High School. In Years 5 and 6 (Stage 3) children are grouped in various groupings – Homerooms, Religion, Mathematics, English, Integrated Studies, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education, Creative Arts and electives. This exposes the children to a variety of teachers and skills them in accepting responsibility for their own learning and teaching following timetables.

Student Leadership 

Our leadership program is designed to build student skills in leadership. We have a leadership team of eight students from Year 6. These student leaders are responsible for leading a team of Year 6 students on their focus area, which could include a religious, multi-media, learning, library, promotion, environment, sport or hospitality dimension. The student leaders meet formally each fortnight with the Principal and Assistant Principal to discuss their work and and any possible suggestions or issues arising. 

We also have eight Sports leaders who are elected by their peers at the beginning of each year. Their role is to support their colour house and provide support to teachers in organising sporting equipment and events.

Students from Year 3 to Year 5 have the opportunity to be a part of our school’s Student Representative Council. The Student Representative Council meets fortnightly with the student leaders and the principal. All of our student leaders are elected by their classmates and have a prominent role to play in our school life.

Social Justice

We encourage our students to become involved in meaningful ways that they can help others. We focus on local and global issues. We support our local community through making hampers and blankets for our local St Vincent De Paul Society. We also visit our local preschools and nursing homes to connect and celebrate with both our younger and elderly community members. On a global level we raise funds for missionaries through Project Compassion each year. We have developed connections with The Galilee School in Kenya and have raised funds to support this school in building classrooms for their students.

Innovative Academic Programs

Our teachers strive to achieve excellence in student learning. A way that we have been able to achieve this is through the development of Integrated Learning Programs that focus on ‘Big Ideas’. The ‘Big Ideas’ allow children to develop skills and understandings about the world we live in while covering Board of Studies mandated outcomes. There is a strong emphasis on thinking skills and applying various thinking strategies to our learning. Teachers incorporate these same strategies to our Mathematics curriculum and have also developed key ‘Big Ideas’ in Mathematics.

Learning Support

The learning support model used at Our Lady of Lourdes allows children to be targeted in many areas of learning – not just reading and writing. This means we are catering more to the whole child and the learning support team has the opportunity to experience and work with the strengths of the child as well as catering for their academic needs. A learning support teacher is allocated to work with a particular stage group. This teacher provides in-class support and assists class teacher modify their programs to suit the needs of individual learners. The model allows for greater flexibility and the establishment of focus groups allowing for individual tuition.


At Our Lady of Lourdes information and communication technologies are used to enhance and support the learning of all of our children. The children in all of our classes have access to a variety of up to date technology. The technology provides children with tools that enable them to express their learning in a variety of ways some of these include creating movies, podcasts, powerpoint presentations, graphics and many more. Some of the children’s work can be found on this website. 

The teacher’s make use of an online learning tool called Classm8. This is a password protected secure internet space which our children have access to. Classm8 allows teachers to produce a webpage that gives the children access to specific websites and collaborative activities. Classm8 provides us with an opportunity to work collaboratively with not only students in our school but student across the diocese and across the country.


Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School is located on the same site as our Parish Church. Our school environment is a quiet, safe and completely enclosed environment with open play areas including a large grassed area. We have modern open plan classrooms and learning spaces, which are light filled and furnished with ergonomic student furniture. All of our learning spaces are air-conditioned for an optimum learning environment. Our school is well resourced with current learning technologies including banks of laptops, digital cameras, data projectors and digital microscopes to name a few. We also have an outstanding facility in our hall, which is also shared with our Parish community. There is ample off-street parking, which ensures the safe drop off and pick up of our students.



Learning in Action

Dance Fever - We Are Winners!!
On the 29th June our talented students performed at Dance Fever
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Feast of the Sacred Heart Mass
The OLOL Community gathered to celebrate the Feast of the Sacred Heart. Thank you to all the families who donated food for our St. Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal for families in need.
23 Items
Mother's Day 2017
20 Items
Mother's Day 2017
20 Items
Mother's Day 2017
On Friday the 12th of May the OLOL Community celebrated Mother's Day with our traditional Mother's Day breakfast in the hall, followed by open classrooms and a beautiful mass celebrating all the Mother's in our lives.
18 Items
Holy Week 2017
On Wednesday the 5th of April OLOL celebrated Holy Week with a beautiful and moving re-enactment of Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday and Good Friday. We all walked on a pilgrimage following Jesus' footsteps throughout our school. It was a very special way to remember Holy Week and prepare for Easter.
25 Items
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