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Care of Students

At Our Lady of Lourdes, the philosophy that underpins all of our relationships is that ‘We care for ourselves, others and the environment’. We encourage our students to make positive choices about their behaviour, in both the playground and the classroom, to help create a safe, happy and healthy environment.

Across the school, the first teaching unit for each year is about ‘Relationships’, which incorporates protective behaviours. The purpose of this unit is for the classroom community to create shared understandings and beliefs around the personal, social and environmental (‘we care for ourselves, others and the environment’) in order to create a harmonious learning community. The classroom community investigates and discusses individual, group, class and playground routines, roles and expectations. Some classes use peer tutoring as a strategy, and individual programs are developed for children with specific needs.

A copy of our comprehensive Pastoral Care and Student Management Policy is available on our school website or from the school office. The policy clearly outlines the procedures followed at the school, including various levels of student management:

  • class rules and award systems
  • celebrating student achievements
  • student leadership
  • self management strategies e.g. timeout, reflection
  • interviews with coordinators, Assistant Principal and/or Principal, including parental involvement
  • individual behaviour contracts

Learning Support

The learning support model used at Our Lady of Lourdes allows children to be targeted in many areas of learning – not just reading and writing. This means we are catering more to the whole child and the learning support team has the opportunity to experience and work with the strengths of the child, as well as catering for their academic needs. A learning support teacher is allocated to work with a particular Stage group. This teacher provides in-class support and assists the class teacher modify their programs to suit the needs of individual learners. The model allows for greater flexibility and the establishment of focus groups allowing for individual tuition.

Starting School

At Our Lady of Lourdes we understand that starting school can be a challenging and anxious time for some children and their families. We have developed a program to help make that transition as smooth as possible for our families. The program involves:

  • preschool visitation for students identified as requiring support during the interview process
  • an orientation morning for children and parents in November, after enrolment is accepted.
  • children beginning school in small groups and are not placed in classes until the third week of school
  • observing/assessing the students academically, socially and behaviourally during the first three weeks
  • Kindergarten students being assigned a Year 6 ‘buddy’ student to help them settle into school
  • Kindergarten parents having the opportunity to gather in the first week to share experiences and establish relationships over morning tea

Student Leadership

Our leadership program is designed to build leadership skills in students. We have a leadership team of eight students from Year 6. These student leaders are responsible for leading a team of Year 6 students on their focus area, which could include a religious, multimedia, learning, library, promotion, environment, sport, or hospitality dimension. The student leaders meet formally each fortnight with the Principal and Assistant Principal to discuss their work and and any possible suggestions or issues arising. 

We also have eight Sports leaders who are elected by their peers at the beginning of each year. Their role is to support their colour house and provide support to teachers in organising sporting equipment and events.

Students from Year 3 to Year 5 have the opportunity to be a part of our school’s Student Representative Council. The Student Representative Council meets fortnightly with the student leaders and the Principal. All of our student leaders are elected by their classmates and have a prominent role to play in our school life.



Grade Websites

The children in various grades have private websites where the children can work collaboratively in an online enviornment. Please refer to class teachers for access to the sites.

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