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Learning Statement

Our shared commitment…

  • Ensuring that all members of our learning community will be supported to achieve their personal best
  • Realistically high expectations will be articulated by parents, staff and children in a spirit of honest dialogue
  • Early recognition, intervention and ongoing rigorous commitment to each child will be maintained
  • Learning for each child will be personalised by catering for individual difference

Our quality practice


sounds like…
  • Celebration - of diversity, of achievements
  • Concerns raised immediately with identified personnel
  • Children positive towards learning/each other
  • Positive dialogue - about children, about each other
  • Reflections shared through honest dialogue

looks like…
  • Current research is reflected in classrooms e.g. learning styles
  • Children are given responsibility and support for their own learning
  • A variety of strategies are in place so that each individual is acknowledged for who they are
  • Ongoing assessment and our response to it, is evident in our planning documents
  • Classrooms are dynamic so as to cater for differences
  • Children will demonstrate and apply their learning across all KLAs

feels like…

  • Safe - able to take risks, make mistakes
  • Special - each person’s learnings and experiences are important to all
  • Secure - we take time to really get to know our children and each other

Grade Websites

The children in various grades have private websites where the children can work collaboratively in an online enviornment. Please refer to class teachers for access to the sites.

Hidden UpdatePanel, which is used to help with saving state when minimizing, moving and closing docks. This way the docks state is saved faster (no need to update the docking zones).