Our Staff

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary has a professional and highly qualified team of teaching staff who are committed to lifelong learning.

They demonstrate a willingness to explore new ways of learning and teaching, to meet the needs of today’s students. If you need to get in touch with a member of staff, please contact the school.

Position Name
Principal  Keiran Byrnes
Assistant Principal  Carol Cividin
Religious Education Coordinator Janelle Bawden
Coordinator Lucy Messina
Coordinator  Karin Schrader
Finance Administrator Monique Kearins
Office Administrator Beth Polo
Parish Priest Father Henry Duc
Kindergarten Marlee Broughton, Stephanie Musgrave
Year 1 Elizabeth van Zoggel, Sharleen Espiritu
Year 2 Rachel Grima,  Stephanie Iordanou
Year 3 Toni Critchlow, Eleanora Coledan
Year 4 Jim Van Gend, Karin Schrader, Leonie McKenna
Year 5 Wayne Owen , Lucy Messina, Leonie McKenna
Year 6 Elise Geekie, Donna Muddle
Creative Arts, LTST Clare Willemse
Sport Veronica Brogden
Learning Support Wilma Clenton, Rosemary Armstrong, 
Teacher Assistant's Katherine Begg, Kira Moujalli
Uniforms Aida Almeida