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Innovative Learning

Our Lady of Lourdes follows the NSW Educational Standards Authority (NESA) approved curriculum for Kindergarten – Year 6 in the Key Learning Areas of English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Human Society and Its Environment, Creative Arts, and Personal Development, Health and Physical Education. We also teach Religious Education and follow the Parramatta Diocesan curriculum document Sharing Our Story.

Learning and teaching is founded on current education research to ensure learning is personalised for the individual and diverse needs of our students.

We encourage our students to own and drive their own learning. We provide specific programs for both gifted and talented students and students with special learning needs, to enhance their studies and ensure they are supported in ways that are most beneficial.

Our learning support team works closely with classroom teachers to enhance student’s learning, with a strong focus on literacy.

As preparation to high school and to encourage diversity in learning, students in Years 5 and 6 (Stage 3) undertake additional electives and follow a timetable approach. This exposes them to a variety of teachers and encourages them to take responsibility for their own learning.

Information Communication Technology is integrated across all learning areas and all students have access to the latest learning technology via mobile technology units and wireless internet access.

Staff work to ensure the provision of an innovative, stimulating and purposeful learning environment, and open learning spaces provide flexibility to respond to the changing needs of students.

Stage 3

Learning for Children in Years 5 and 6

Since 1998 children in Years 5 and 6 at OLOL have been learning together, as Stage 3, in one learning space. We have a tradition of independent, individualised learning, in a caring environment. Children are prepared for lifelong learning.

Stage 3 teachers, including the learning support teacher and teacher librarian, work together to optimise the learning of each child. Each child is part of a homeroom group and has a particular space for their books and bags. The Stage 3 learning spaces are connected to the outdoor for outdoor learning. Within the Stage 3 learning space are three breakout rooms, these are areas for explicit teaching with interactive technology, areas that facilitate creative learning, and areas for gathering as a community for prayer and sharing. The area is technology-rich.

Visitors to our Stage 3 area will see children engaged in a variety of independent learning projects. Children are monitored closely with high expectations of work quality and high accountability. At other times of the day, visitors will see children being explicitly taught literacy and numeracy skills, and practising these skills under the close guidance of teachers.

As a consequence of this style of learning, our students are independent, motivated learners, confident in speaking in front of others, creative and good problem solvers. Feeder high schools, parents and ex-students comment positively about the ability of our students to adapt to the learning at high school.

Whole School Approach

Our Lady of Lourdes has a whole school approach to learning to ensure that there are common practices and shared understandings that enhance student learning. Common understandings by staff include the focus on the seven years children spend with us. This is commonly referred to as “the seven year package of learning” we offer, with the shared belief that…

  • all members of our community are supported to achieve their personal best
  • realistically high expectations are articulated by parents, staff and children in the spirit of honest dialogue
  • early recognition, intervention and ongoing rigorous commitment to each child are maintained
  • learning for each child is personalised by catering for individual differences.

Outdoor Learning

We are fortunate to have a large playground with a grassed area, basketball court and sandpit. Our outdoor area is ideal for sport and the development of physical skills. Outdoor learning is possible across all Key Learning Areas, as we have a vegetable garden, a dedicated early years playground area, and landscaped sensory and prayer gardens. As much as possible classrooms open to an outdoor learning area.


Grade Websites

The children in various grades have private websites where the children can work collaboratively in an online enviornment. Please refer to class teachers for access to the sites.

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